Cricket Powder | Acheta | High Protein

Cricket powder and food products made with cricket protein powder.

We manufacture an extensive range of high quality protein rich cricket powders made from acheta crickets fed on all vegetable organic feed.

Our crickets are sourced from enclosed, climate controlled S.E. Asian farms local farms under our strict supervision. The crickets are kept in clean, sealed hygienic conditions and fed 100% certified organic feed from vegetable source only.

The powder is manufactured to strict HACCP standards and processed at a FDA approved GMP and BRC (BRC Global Standards) certified factory.

Our cricket powder is 100% natural with no added ingredients.

Cricket protein powder can be used in many ways, for example meal replacement bars, bakery goods, pasta and much more. Cricket powder can be used to increase the nutrient density of any food.

See our recipe and videos page for more ideas on how to use this amazing new superfood.

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