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cricket powder bars and pasta

Nutrient-dense powder, bars and pasta made from cricket protein powder.

Why Eat Cricket Powder/Insects?

1. Highly nutritious: packed full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats like omega 3

2. Crickets are the most environmentally friendly source of high protein available

3. Crickets contain as much vitamin B12 as Salmon, 15% more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk and all 9 essential amino acids

4. Reduce Global Warming: Crickets produce 80% less methane than other animal protein sources.

5. Crickets require 6 x less feed than cattle, 4 x less than sheep and 2 x less than pigs to produce the same amount of protein

6. Crickets consume considerably less water than other protein sources: an average family of 4 eating food made with cricket protein 1 day per week for 1 year instead of traditional sources of protein saves the earth 650,000 liters of freshwater per year.

future sustainable cricket protein